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Welcome to the Annual Cloud City Innovation Celebration


Cloud City, located in the Caribbean Islands, is a subsidiary of Global Planet Solutions, offering a residential, professional and entertainment community, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities reflecting its award-winning green building designs and advanced technologies.

The Annual Cloud City Innovation Celebration is one of the largest and most technologically advanced events in the world.

CC-InternsA major part of our continued success has been as result of the motivated and hard-working individuals we hire through our Career and Technical Education Internship Program. With diverse opportunities throughout this extraordinary event, interns can explore key career skills in a variety of industries, while effectively developing strategies for college and career readiness.

To kick off this year’s Innovation Celebration, we are now hiring a new group of interns to help in the planning, preparation and support of this exciting one-week gala event. 

As a Cloud City Intern, you are invited to attend our Event Planning Meeting to understand your role, learn some facts about Cloud City and to get a peek into the wide-variety of Innovation Celebration events we have planned.

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Mickey Rowe, Senior Director, Cloud City

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Cloud City Career and Technical Education Internship Program

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