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Welcome to the Annual Cloud City Innovation Celebration


Cloud City, located in the Caribbean Islands, is a subsidiary of Global Planet Solutions, offering a residential, professional and entertainment community, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities reflecting its award-winning green building designs and advanced technologies.

The Annual Cloud City Innovation Celebration is one of the largest and most technologically advanced events in the world.

CC-InternsA major part of our continued success has been as result of the motivated and hard-working individuals we hire through our Career and Technical Education Internship Program. With diverse opportunities throughout this extraordinary event, interns can explore key career skills in a variety of industries, while effectively developing strategies for college and career readiness.

To kick off this year’s Innovation Celebration, we are now hiring a new group of interns to help in the planning, preparation and support of this exciting one-week gala event. 

As a Cloud City Intern, you are invited to attend our Event Planning Meeting to understand your role, learn some facts about Cloud City and to get a peek into the wide-variety of Innovation Celebration events we have planned.

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Cloud City Innovation Celebration Event Planning Meeting

event-planningWe are extremely happy that you have chosen to spend the next two months helping us prepare for our extraordinary annual gala.

Your talents and dedicated work ethic are critical for us to carry out this immense event. 

Let's get started with a couple items on the agenda:

1. What is Our Internship Goal?

Our overall goal for Cloud City Interns is to create a collaborative Media Presentation demonstrating a behind-the-scenes view of all the anticipated activities planned for our 30,000 guests. This valuable presentation offers a unique sneak-peek at all the incredible detail, support and hard-work required to orchestrate such an event.

2. What Role Will You Play?

takenoteOur Cloud City Interns have always played a significant role in the success of this event. As such, our Innovation Celebration Planning Board asks that you take note of the following key points:

  1. You will be asked to take the required career assessments.
  2. You will be placed at internships that match your Career Talent Preference and Career Cluster Check. 
  3. You will be asked to complete several tasks during each internship.
  4. You will need to create one or more presentation slides of your accomplishments.
  5. You will be given specific directions on how to prepare a presentation slide of your work results.
  6. You will need to present your completed slides and pertinent work to the Innovation Celebration Planning Board at the end of each internship.  

Remember, the final Innovation Celebration Presentation will be shown to more than 30,000 of our guests, as well as the Planning Board and the entire staff at Cloud City. Your professionalism, creativity and accuracy are of vital importance.

Now let's take a look at some important Cloud City Facts… arrow-blue-right


Some Facts About Cloud City

The next thing on our agenda is to give you a closer look at some of the impressive statistics about Cloud City.

Take a moment to review the fact sheet with details on geographic location, population and facilities/venues. You can also click on the notebook to download the fact sheet for later use.





Next, let's review the Gala Events List...arrow-blue-right

Innovation Celebration Events List

The Innovation Celebration has a week-long line-up of the top representatives of the entertainment, athletic and educational world. Guests and their families will have a wide selection of choices both day and night. 

Take a look at the Gala Events List to familiarize yourself with the many diverse programs that will be running beginning from Sunday through Saturday. The Event Planning Board will provide you with an overview map of Cloud City so you can see where all the venues will be taking place.

Cloud City's Innovation Celebration

Gala Events List

SUN 6-11pm Opening Ceremony: "Innovate Software," Parade, Barbecue, Fireworks Cloud City Stadium
MON-SAT 11am-12am Entertainment and Fantasy Park Fun for the family Fantasy Park
MON 7am-4pm Bell Computers Golf Tournament (3 days) Green Tee Golf Course
MON 7am-4pm Michigan Tire" Formula One Race (3 days) Highway I-95 around City Limits
MON 7am-4pm Tour de Cloud City Bicycle Race sponsored by HighGear Cycles Blue Sky National Park
TUE 7am-4pm "Smooth Sailing" Sailboat Cup Aegean Bay
TUE 8pm "Cool Tunes" Concert - New Dimension Hard Rocks Amphitheatre
WED 7am-4pm "TigerFeet" 10 Mile Walk for Cancer Blue Sky National Park
WED 11am-3pm Tucci Fashion Show Cloud City Civic Center
WED Noon Jungle Magic Shows Jerry Orville Theatre
THU 7am-4pm Equestrian Sports Production Show Blue Sky National Park
THU 11am-9pm "Innovate Software" STEM Competition Cloud City Civic Center
THU 8pm
 "Cool Tunes" Concert - Justin Swift
Hard Rocks Amphitheatre
FRI  TBD  "Smooth Sailing" Sailboat Finale
Aegean Bay
FRI 8pm Jungle Magic Shows Jerry Orville Theatre
FRI  8pm "Innovate Software" Awards Banquet Blitz Hotel and Banquet Hall
SAT  11am-9pm Krayola Arts Festival
Cloud City Civic Center
SAT 12pm & 8pm Jungle Magic Shows Jerry Orville Theatre
SAT 6-11pm Closing Ceremony: "Innovate Software," Parade, Fireworks Cloud City Stadium


Now please take a moment to review the Cloud City venue map...arrow-blue-right


Cloud City Venue Overview Map

Before getting started with the steps to complete your internship, take a moment to review the Cloud City map below that gives you an animated overview of all the venues throughout the Island. 

If you click on the image, you can download a PDF copy for later use.



  You are now ready to review the Cloud City CTE Internship Steps...arrow-blue-right

Career and Technical Education Internships


Cloud City CTE Internship is a quick-start intern program focused on real-world experiences for new entry-level workers. Our annual Innovation Celebration events enable our interns to choose from a diverse selection of internships.

As a Cloud City Intern, you are asked to complete each of the following steps:

STEP 1: Talent Assessment - First, you will take a Talent Assessment to discover your Career Talent Preference or CTP, which will guide you in identifying the appropriate internships just right for you.

STEP 2: Career Cluster Check - Once you know your CTP, you will want to consider the variety of CTE Career Clusters to check which positions you would prefer while interning at the Cloud City Innovation Celebration.

STEP 3: CTE Internships and Career Passports - You are now ready to begin as a Cloud City Intern. Choose a Career Cluster, then proceed to the assigned CTE Internships, where you will be asked to fulfill three task assignments for each position offered under the selected Career Cluster. After each Career Cluster, you will be asked to reflect on your experience. You are provided a specific Career Passport to help you review and journal your reflections. Your Career Passport will also include other valuable information pertaining to your Career Talent Preference and Industry Career Cluster.

STEP 4: Career Plan and Resume - After completing the Career Passport, your next step is to prepare an outlined Career Plan and Resume that will help you jump start a strategy for college and career readiness. Your Career Plan will be an invaluable asset to your college and career planning. 

STEP 5: Media Presentation - During each Cloud City Internship, you were asked to make a media slide that represented your career experience. Your next step is to create a media presentation using your slides and other pertinent information for submission to the Cloud City Planning Board. Your mentor will guide you is the requirements for each slide.

STEP 6: Exit Interview - Your final step is to take a brief Exit Interview with Talent Management, before having the opportunity to meet with our CEO.

 To begin your Cloud City CTE Internship, go to STEP#1 for a Talent Assessment...arrow-blue-right


Mickey Rowe, Senior Director, Cloud City

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