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Cloud City Innovation Celebration Event Planning Meeting

event-planningWe are extremely happy that you have chosen to spend the next two months helping us prepare for our extraordinary annual gala.

Your talents and dedicated work ethic are critical for us to carry out this immense event. 

Let's get started with a couple items on the agenda:

1. What is Our Internship Goal?

Our overall goal for Cloud City Interns is to create a collaborative Media Presentation demonstrating a behind-the-scenes view of all the anticipated activities planned for our 30,000 guests. This valuable presentation offers a unique sneak-peek at all the incredible detail, support and hard-work required to orchestrate such an event.

2. What Role Will You Play?

takenoteOur Cloud City Interns have always played a significant role in the success of this event. As such, our Innovation Celebration Planning Board asks that you take note of the following key points:

  1. You will be asked to take the required career assessments.
  2. You will be placed at internships that match your Career Talent Preference and Career Cluster Check. 
  3. You will be asked to complete several tasks during each internship.
  4. You will need to create one or more presentation slides of your accomplishments.
  5. You will be given specific directions on how to prepare a presentation slide of your work results.
  6. You will need to present your completed slides and pertinent work to the Innovation Celebration Planning Board at the end of each internship.  

Remember, the final Innovation Celebration Presentation will be shown to more than 30,000 of our guests, as well as the Planning Board and the entire staff at Cloud City. Your professionalism, creativity and accuracy are of vital importance.

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Mickey Rowe, Senior Director, Cloud City

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