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Career and Technical Education Internships


Cloud City CTE Internship is a quick-start intern program focused on real-world experiences for new entry-level workers. Our annual Innovation Celebration events enable our interns to choose from a diverse selection of internships.

As a Cloud City Intern, you are asked to complete each of the following steps:

STEP 1: Talent Assessment - First, you will take a Talent Assessment to discover your Career Talent Preference or CTP, which will guide you in identifying the appropriate internships just right for you.

STEP 2: Career Cluster Check - Once you know your CTP, you will want to consider the variety of CTE Career Clusters to check which positions you would prefer while interning at the Cloud City Innovation Celebration.

STEP 3: CTE Internships and Career Passports - You are now ready to begin as a Cloud City Intern. Choose a Career Cluster, then proceed to the assigned CTE Internships, where you will be asked to fulfill three task assignments for each position offered under the selected Career Cluster. After each Career Cluster, you will be asked to reflect on your experience. You are provided a specific Career Passport to help you review and journal your reflections. Your Career Passport will also include other valuable information pertaining to your Career Talent Preference and Industry Career Cluster.

STEP 4: Career Plan and Resume - After completing the Career Passport, your next step is to prepare an outlined Career Plan and Resume that will help you jump start a strategy for college and career readiness. Your Career Plan will be an invaluable asset to your college and career planning. 

STEP 5: Media Presentation - During each Cloud City Internship, you were asked to make a media slide that represented your career experience. Your next step is to create a media presentation using your slides and other pertinent information for submission to the Cloud City Planning Board. Your mentor will guide you is the requirements for each slide.

STEP 6: Exit Interview - Your final step is to take a brief Exit Interview with Talent Management, before having the opportunity to meet with our CEO.

 To begin your Cloud City CTE Internship, go to STEP#1 for a Talent Assessment...arrow-blue-right


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Cloud City Career and Technical Education Internship Program

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