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STEP #3 - Career and Technical Education Internships

Tailored to fit your Career Talent Preference and your CTE Career Cluster
You are now ready to begin as a Cloud City Intern. Choose a Career Cluster, then proceed to the assigned CTE Internships, where you will be asked to fulfill three task assignments for each position offered under the selected Career Cluster.
After each Career Cluster, you will be asked to reflect on your experience. You are provided a specific Career Passport to help you review and journal your reflections. Your Career Passport will also include other valuable information pertaining to your Career Talent Preference and Industry Career Cluster.

To begin an Internship, click on one of the 16 Career Clusters below or hover over Step #3 in Main Menu to Select from CTE Internships List.

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cc agriculture cc arch cc arts cc business
education-and-training2 cc-Finance2 cc-Government2 cc-Health2
cc-Hospitality2 cc human cc-infotech2 cc-Law2
cc-Manufacturing2 cc-Marketing cc-Science cc-Transp

When you have completed your Career Cluster Internships and Career Passports, Go to Step #4 to Develop your Career Plan and Resume...arrow-blue-right

Howell Goodright, Chief Talent Manager (Step 3)

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