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Career and Technical Education Internship

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Cluster


Welcome to Cloud City's Blue Sky National Park

Your interest in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster brings you to this internship for your assistance with one or more of the following Innovation Celebration activities:

  • blueskynationalpark Cloud City Zoo - feeding of animals at our zoo, which is the home to a world famous gorilla who we can communicate with sign language.
  • Opening Ceremony "Parade of Floats" - decorating the floats with Cloud City's stunning flowers.
  • Rolling Hills Farms Annual Equestrian Horse Show - grooming and feeding of horses.
  • Bell Computers Golf Tournament - maintenance of the golf courses.
  • HighGear Tour de Cloud City Bicycle Race and the TigerFeet 10 Mile Walk for Cancer - maintenance of the cycle and walking trails at our Blue Sky National Park.

Your first assignment is assisting as an Animal Trainer, which matches the "R" or Realistic Career Talent Preference.

RIGHT GREEN ARROWReport to Animal Trainer, Maria Martin, at the Cloud City Zoo...

GUIDE: Rose Huckleberry

Click arrow to hear message.

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Careers

Match Your Career Talent Preference to the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resouces Titles

Horticulturalist, nursery and greenhouse managers, 
grower, farm manager ERC

Veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers, kennel assistant, groomer


Zoologists and wildlife biologists, fisheries biologist

Landscapers, grounds maintenance, athletic field workers ERC
Floral designers, flower shop laborer AER
Animal trainer, guide dog instructor, horse trainer/groomer RSI
To find out more about careers, check out O*NET, the nation's primary source of occupational information.