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Career and Technical Education Internship

Government and Public Administration Career Cluster


Welcome to the Government and Public Administration Office at the Cloud City Civic Center.

Your interest in this career cluster leads you to working closely with our building inspector, getting a firsthand view from the air traffic control tower at the Cloud City Airport, and as an aide for the Cloud City Mayor.

Our cte-governmentinterns will assist with:

  • Construction details at the Building Inspection Department
  • Observing arriving flights from the Airport's Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Hospitality for the French visitors for the Mayor

In your first internship, you will be shadowing with our Building Inspector, which matches the "RCI" or Realistic, Conventional, and Investigative Career Talent Preference.

 Report to Steven Empire at the Civic Center Building Inspections Department...RWB-right arrow

GUIDE: Connie Rice

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Government and Public Administration Careers

Match your Career Talent Preference to the Government and Public Administration Careers Titles

Construction and Building Inspectors

Plumbing Inspector


Fire Inspector or Marshall

Postal Mail Carrier
Agriculture Inspector, Food Regulatory Field Supervisor
Fish and Game Warden
Air Traffic Controller
Gaming Surveillance Officer and Investigators RCE
Tax Examiners and Collectors

Government Aide

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