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Career and Technical Education Internship

Human Services Career Cluster


Welcome to the Cloud City Blitz Hotel and Banquet Hall.

Your interest in the Human Services career cluster leads you to work at the Blitz Plush Hair Salon and Spa and at the Krayola Arts Festival as a Shampoo Assistant, Nail Technician and Childcare Worker.HelpOthers-MSO

The Blitz Hotel offers many amenities to its guests, including spa services, childcare, and other personal services.

Our interns will observe and assist with the:

  • Hair treatments for some of our guests
  • Manicure and pedicure applications and maintenance of the nail care equipment
  • Children's arts and crafts childcare program at the Krayola Arts Festival.

In your first internship, you will be working with the Shampoo Assistant at the Plush Hair Salon and Spa, which matches the "REC" or Realistic, Enterprising and Conventional Career Talent Preference.

You are to meet with Salon Owner, Pierre Toupée, at Concierge desk in the Blitz Lobby...Darkorange-rightarrow

GUIDE: Jane Kindhardt

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Human Services Careers

Match your Career Talent Preference to the Human Services Titles

Cosmetologist AES

Nail Technician, Manicurist, Pedicurist

Shampoo Assistant REC
Child Care Workers SA
Pre-School Teachers SA
Mental Health Counselors SIA
Funeral Attendants SER
Social Worker SE

Drug Abuse Counselor

Case Manager SAI
Probation Officer SEC
Socal and Human Services Assistant CSE
Mental Health Technicians SER
Marriage and Family Therapist SAI
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