CONVENTIONAL - Switzerland

Zurich Switzerland

Century Suisse Assets, Ltd.

Century Suisse Assets, Ltd., a subsidiary of Global Planet Solutions, provides banking services to corporations around the world.  Our bank offers investment planning services and professional guidance of the best quality.


Our investment bankers will help institution create funds in a variety of different ways. For example; they may search for private equity and become stakeholders in a company or they can utilize public funds through the capital market by selling stock. 

Our Investment Bankers partake in financial consulting services, offering advice to companies on how to handle mergers and acquisitions. Our Investment Bankers will notify their client companies on when to make public offerings and the best way to utilize and manage the assets.

CSA is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and provides quality financial services around the world. Your Xtreme Internship will include assisting these professionals:

  1. Financial Analyst (CIE)
  2. Archivist (CI)
  3. Geophysical Data Technician (CRI)



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