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Century Suisse Assets, Ltd.

Financial Analyst - CIE

Financial Analysts Doing Research


Your first internship experience will be at CSA's Investment Division assisting our financial analyst, Abigail Fromage. Abigail's prime focus is providing her clients with a comprehensive understanding of the financial status of their investment portfolio. 

Assembling data is only part of the picture. Strategic and critical thinking comes into play with often difficult questions that need answers. Your research may involve diving into the business workings of particular companies or even looking into some more obscure elements that may not seem relevant at first, but soon become part of the entire decision-making process.

Comprehensive research also means detailed reports that cite sources, provide facts, and that make recommendations for future action. Your role as Abigail's assistant will provide insight into this very detailed-oriented career.

There is a client who needs important investment information urgently. Abigail would like you to get started with Task #1 as soon as possible.