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Cobra Sports & Entertainment


Cobra Sports & Entertainment, a subsidiary of Global Planet Solutions, provides the services of innovative marketing, out-of-the box promotion, and professional talent management services for the sports, music, and satellite radio industries.


Our team is committed to developing strategic plans and creative programs, which connect our client's brand to their customer. Our programs and services will leave an unforgettable brand impression designed to change attitudes, perception and ultimately buying behavior - delivering the results clients seek.

At Cobra, we are about our clients and our people. For each, we aspire to exceed every expectation. Cobra is located in New York City, which is the home to many of the major league sports corporations and the world capital for entertainment industry for television, radio, concerts and theaSports & Entertainmentters.

The Enterprising Division has three exciting internship positions currently open. You will have an opportunity to be an assistant to the:

  1. Sports Marketing Director (EC)
  2. Talent Manager (ESC)
  3. Promotions Manager (EAC)



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Cobra Sports & Entertainment