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STEP #6 - Exit Interview

feedbacknoteNow that you have completed your Cloud City Internships and Career Passport, prepared a Career Plan and Resume, and created a Media Presentation for the Planning Board, Talent Management would like you to do a brief Exit Interview.

All interns MUST complete the Xtreme Intern Exit Interview below.

Please review, scroll down and check off or fill in requested information as indicated, including answering five brief questions. When done, click "Submit" at the end of the survey and then proceed to the conference room at the Cloud City Civic Center to meet with CEO, Robert Stone.

When you have finished the Exit Interview, head for the red door to meet with our CEO...arrow-blue-right

Howell Goodright, Chief Talent Manager (Step 6)

Click arrow to hear message.

CC red door CEO

Click on door to enter...