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Snow Mountain Technology

Forest & Conservation Technician (RIE)

The forest and conservation technicians of Snow Mountain Technology are located at SMT Lodge, just the foot of the Mont Tremblant Mountains.

The mission of this group is to provide guidance in the preservation of the environment, wildlife, and forests. We are committed to the preservation of the mountain for future snowboarding activities. 

As a vital member of our team, you will patrol the park or forest areas to protect our resources and prevent damage, as well as record your observations of wildlife activities. You will also note any problems found on the snowboarding trails. Your mentor, Serena, is waiting for you to begin Task #1.

Mont TremblantAbout Mont-Tremblant:

    • 253 hectares / 625.5 acres (253 hectares) of ski-able terrain
    • 94 runs serviced by 13 state-of-the-art lifts
    • 18 acres of ramps, trails, and jumps

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