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Registered Nurse (SIC)


A Registered Nurse can be a challenging and a rewarding career. For some, it means long, late hours, weekends and on-call demands, as well as ongoing exposure to various medical conditions. Yet, they do it because they are passionate about helping people, and devote their lives to providing healthcare to those in need.

Registered Nurses in an African Medican MissionFor those RNs, and other healthcare professions, who dedicate their work to medical missions like WOM, they find themselves in rare opportunities "to help people" in a way that surpasses their dreams.

One such Registered Nurse is Josephine Angwenyi, who is a travel nurse throughout Africa, and is an inspiring presence at every mission and hospital she attends.

For your first internship at WOM, you will have the great privilege of assisting "Nurse Jo" during her rounds at the clinic.


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