Talent Management

During your internships, you will work with our team of Global Planet Solutions managers and mentors here in the home office and at each of our Divisions. Be sure to take advantage of their insights, advice and guidance. (When you see one of our mentors, please click the player to hear their message. Listen to management's messages below.)

Meet The GPS Management Team

Jean Goldman, Talent Manager
Harry Potts, Human Resources Director
Rachel Rich, Career Counselor
Robert Stone, Chief Executive Officer

Talent Assessment: What's Your Career Talent Preference Code

You will need to complete our Talent Assessments to discover your Career Talent Preferences (CTP), which will determine the appropriate internships you will be assigned at our GPS Divisions. 

DOWNLOAD AND COMPLETE TALENT ASSESSMENTS I & II, plus you can do an extra cross-reference interest profiler by visiting O'Net:

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 Assessment I - Networking

GPS has arranged a networking Career Party as a way for you to get to know some of the other interns. When you arrive you notice some friends chatting with other interns in small groups throughout the room. See what they're all talking about and where you'd like to join in the conversation... 

Career Party Networking Assessment (Click Here)

PRINT the Career Party Networking Assessment to COMPLETE manually.


Assessment II - Self-Discovery

Now you will need to consider your unique interests, talents and abilities. Your next assessment is a self-discovery review to find out how your interests, talents and abilities relate to developing your career. Complete the Career Talent Preference Assessment…

Career Talent Preference Assessment (Click Here)

PRINT the Career Talent Preference Assessment to COMPLETE manually.


Assessment III - Interest Profiler (Optional)

What do you like to do? The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you explore how your interests relate to the world of work...

O'Net Interest Profiler (Click Here)

GO to the O'Net Interest Profiler Web Page to complete.


 Your CTP determines your internships...

Now that you have discovered the top three interests that determine your Career Talent Preference Code, you are ready to travel to the first of three divisions.

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