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Match each of your Career Talent Preference Codes

Participating in the Xtreme Intern Challenge internships gives you some valuable experience and real-world insight. It also is an excellent opportunity to create a dynamic resume that focuses on each of your Career Talent Preferences. Rachel Rich has prepared six sample resumes for each of the Divisions/CTP codes.

SELECT AND DOWNLOAD THE APPROPRIATE SAMPLE RESUME that matches your completed internship division and CTP code, then modify to create your own unique resume for future professional use. arrow red

 Sample CTP Resumes

 Brody Miller Realistic Res PNG Alberta Einstein-Res-Invest-PNG   paula picasso-res-artisticpng
 Sally Swish Artistic Res PNG Thomas T Train Enterprising Resume  ErnestNYoung Conventional Res PNG

Download sample resume and modify to create your own unique CTP resume.

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