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Global Planet Solutions challenged you to find your ideal career in the 21st Century workplace. The XTREME INTERN Challenge was designed to help you recognize your personal Career Talent Preference, give you an opportunity to experience innovative and dynamic internships at targeted companies worldwide, and prepare you for the future with Career Strategy Playbooks filled with personalized strategies for your education and career success!

SWOTIt is our policy at Global Planet Solutions to also offer our interns what is known in the business world as a SWOT Analysis. In brief, a SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats/Challenges involved in a project, a business venture, or in academia. In your case, it involves specifying the objectives for current educational goals and future career endeavors.

It is best to prepare a SWOT prior to setting your objectives, which will ensure a more successful outcome.

As a way to assist you, Harry Potts, our Human Resources Manager, has prepared an Xtreme Intern SWOT Analysis Form for you so that you can create your own  SWOT Analysis based on your experiences at our GPS Division Internships.

Download XI SWOT Analysis Form

Once you have completed your SWOT Analysis, you are scheduled for an Exit Interview and then a final meeting with our CEO, Robert Stone, in the main conference room.

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Harry Potts, Human Resources

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